So...chapter 16 is done, when I get home I'm buying windows 8 and installing it, then doing a vlog, then posting it, and then I get to wake up at 7 in the morning and work 8 hours. Fun, right?
I have a number of writing quirks that may or may not be weird. Just thought I would share them!

  1. Poop. I have to poop before I write or I can't concentrate
  2. Noise. I write best when there's something going on in the background.
  3. Pressure. Most of my writing is done at school, because I write best when I feel like I'm being pressured
  4. Food. I get the munchies big time and need something to do with my mouth.
  5. Comfort. If I'm in jeans, I cannot write. Jeans are the most uncomfortable things ever. Shit, if I could, I would write naked.
  6. Timing. Every couple of minutes or so I'll stop myself from writing and do something else, just so I don't overwhelm myself. Normally I don't get back to writing for another hour... Stupid Facebook/twitter/wattpad.
  7. Socks. I like to have socks on my feet.
  8. Warmth. I loooooove feeling warm and cozy in my room.
  9. My BED. Oh man, I love my bed and writing.
  10. My dog. He's writing buddy. 
If you read the title of this blog post in the voice of Abraham Lincoln, it's a lot funnier, promise.

But, you know, let's get straight to the point.

Only 6 days ago, Captive had 2500 votes!

NOW, it has 6150 votes and only 12 parts. That's like, double the votes and not even double the parts. So completely shocked and happy by this. I freaking love you guys so much. Dx 
Hey, so I did another vlog and this is what happened...
Check out the vlog, Homie Geee. Sorry it's so terrible!
If you ask questions on this blog post, I'll answer them in the next vlog I do!
So, I posted Captive 11 just a couple minutes ago, and also uploaded my first vlog. How embarrassing, right? Yeah, I know. Well I said I would and I did, so there! Watch it below!
Most of you have seen by now that chapter 8 of Captive has been posted. 
Well, not only 13 hours ago was it at 2700. Now it's near 3500! How amazing is that? A lil secret between you an me? (; The second that total count reaches 3500 votes, I'll be posting chapter 9 when it's done. 
So, ke god. *starts to sob*
DO YOU SEE THAT? DO YOU FREAKING SEE THAT. YOU SEE THAT. IT GOT OVER 500 VOTES IN ONE DAY. I'm so fucking honored to have you all as fans, I can't even begin to express the depth of my emotion right now.
Updated Captive last night (obviously) and guess how many votes and comments it got in only 8 hours? more than 200 votes and nearly 61 comments. *mind blown*

Captive is only 275 votes away from 2500, and that, to me, is amazing. 
Woke up to that lovely amount of notifs. Totally never woke up so fast in my life.
Oh yeah, baby. Chapter 7 is out and about! Please make sure to vote for it, srsly. I'd be jacked like some cranked out druggie or something. Cuz you know, ya'll muh drug. *pops muh collar*

Anyways, here's a link: Chapter 7


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