I have a number of writing quirks that may or may not be weird. Just thought I would share them!

  1. Poop. I have to poop before I write or I can't concentrate
  2. Noise. I write best when there's something going on in the background.
  3. Pressure. Most of my writing is done at school, because I write best when I feel like I'm being pressured
  4. Food. I get the munchies big time and need something to do with my mouth.
  5. Comfort. If I'm in jeans, I cannot write. Jeans are the most uncomfortable things ever. Shit, if I could, I would write naked.
  6. Timing. Every couple of minutes or so I'll stop myself from writing and do something else, just so I don't overwhelm myself. Normally I don't get back to writing for another hour... Stupid Facebook/twitter/wattpad.
  7. Socks. I like to have socks on my feet.
  8. Warmth. I loooooove feeling warm and cozy in my room.
  9. My BED. Oh man, I love my bed and writing.
  10. My dog. He's like...my writing buddy. 

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