Things that are too unique for a main character.

Now, I personally have never met anyone with golden eyes, violet orbs of passion, or rainbow depths of emotion (yes, I have heard that one, and I'm ashamed to say that I kept reading on after that...and was sadly disappointed). And I probably never will.

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If a main character has something so unique about their physical appearance, please stop reading the book. It will, almost always, let you down.

Writers, who cannot write at all, think that violet eyes and different names like "Aidyn Starlyt" or some other bullshit name, will give their story and character depth. Honestly, if your story has names that are either so unique that they are overused, or never used and look trashy, I would probably go back and read what you've written to see how lacking your writing is.

Writers will use unique features as an excuse to write at all. The plot could be interesting, but the characters are flat as paper. Their personalities are more than likely overused as well (e.i. the sarcastic teenage girl who attracts the hottest guys) and they have to have some reason to make their characters interesting and worth reading about.

Simple blue eyes and blonde hair, brown eyes and brown hair, brown eyes and blonde hair and vice-freaking-versa should be more than enough. It's the personality that should attract the reader, not how ungodly beautiful they are or how fucking unique they are.

The best characters are the ones who have faults because it gives them a depth that we can relate to. No one is perfect, and I know I don't want to read about a perfect violet-eyed beauty.

9/1/2013 07:26:45 am

You know what I like about you? You're so damn honest, even when giving writing tips. No bullshit; you say it like it is. *approved*


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