This is so important that I can't even explain to you just how essential it is that you do this right. I hate reading a good-looking story that has nice description, and then finally coming to dialogue only to realize that I had been fooled all along and the story I was enjoying was actually a piece of shit because the writer couldn't get the damn dialogue right. 

Let me show you how it's done, yeah?
One Sentence Example: "Let's go," he said. 
Notice that there is a comma before the quote. It is always going to be like that, forever and ever and fucking ever. If you think you can very from that, just...no. The only exception is if you're using an exclamation point(!) or question mark(?).

One Sentence-Split Sentence Example: "I can't," he sighed, "for the life of me, find my phone!"
If you're splitting a sentence in half with dialogue description, there is always going to be a comma after the dialogue tag. Always. Also, please remember that the comma will always come before the quotes. No matter what you're doing, no matter how you're doing it, the comma/period/!/? is always before the quotes. P(punctuation) is always before Q(quotes).

One Sentence With Name: "Hi there, Jerry."
I'll be reading on wattpad, or trying to, and I'll get to the part where there is a name in the dialogue. The second I start reading it, I want to shoot myself. You know why? Because dumb-friggin writers don't know what the hell they're doing and they forget the effing comma before the name. I just want to rage-quit right then slap them across the face.
There will never not be a time when the comma doesn't come before the name. Always always always. The only exception would be something like this: "Look at Jerry." or "Jerry looks stupid."
Whenever you are talking TO the person that is IN the dialogue and are ADDRESSING THEM, use the goddamn comma. If not, and you're talking ABOUT a person, then forget the comma. Don't need it. 

If you need more help on the dialogue how-to's, then ask me instead of making yourself look stupid by doing it wrong. I don't bite...I just mildly claw.

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