Their, there, they're.
Their is for "people". There is for a ""place". They're are is obviously for "they are".

Its, it's.
Its is like "his or her". It's is a contraction for "It is".

Your, you're.
Your is for something possessive. You're is a contraction for "You are".

Throw, through.
Throw is for something physically thrown. Like, let me throw this at you! Through means to continue on with. So the woman walked "through" the doors.

Vein, vane, vain.
Vein is for a blood vessel.
Vane is a stabilizing fin or blade
Vain is for self-admiring, like the guy was vain because he had a sexy butt.

Learn the difference between these words because they are the most commonly misused, and it's disgusting. Honestly, it's the most disgusting thing ever. If you're going to write, then friggin learn the damn differences. 

There are so many other words like this, so watch out.

4/2/2013 04:05:11 am

Those are like one of my biggest pet peeves. :/


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