Do not use commas as a "period". I see it so many times, where writers will put a comma instead of where a period should be, making it a rambling sentence. It's a pain in the ass.

Example: If this is how it's going to be then fine, I don't like you anyways."

Correct: If this is how it's going to be, then fine. I don't like like you anyways." (The period could also be a semi-colon). 

Just make sure that your sentences are about the same subject, okay? Like, you say, "I ran in my shoes, the unicorn barked." <-- the hell does that make sense. 

4/2/2013 05:14:56 am

That's called a comma splice xD

Avery Duncan
4/2/2013 05:28:50 am

Others might not know that so I tried to make it as simple as possible xD

9/1/2013 07:55:45 am

Hate to be a bitch, but 'anyways' isn't a word. It's a slang version of 'anyway' that people like to use these days.


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