Some of you have been asking for a long time for me to make Feral Passion, Tortured, Sin of Fury, and Logan's Woman free. 

Well, now you have a chance to win them! 

Steps on how to win your desired book:

1. Sign into Facebook. If you don't have Facebook, then there isn't a way for you to participate! ):

2. Go here:

3. Click the blue "Vote" button. Once it does that, an app request will appear.

4. Click "okay". It's just doing that to let you into the contest, nothing more.

5. Take a picture/screenshot of the webpage after you've completed voting. This is very important! Without the picture, you cannot request a book!

5. Request your desired book! 

How to request the book you want:
For every time you vote(you can only vote once per Facebook account, but some people have more than one), you get another book of your choice. You just have to take pictures/screenshots of every time you vote, with proof that you did it from another account. I will not except multiple pictures from just 1 person who voted and sent me the picture five times!

1. Fill out the form below in your email and send it to with the subject Styxx
  • Wattpad username:
  • Which book you would like(Only out of Tortured, Feral Passion, Sin of Fury, and Logan's Woman): 
  • Insert an attachment of the photo that you took so you can provide me with proof!

2. Wait for a confirmation email from me, and a PDF file of my book will arrive in your inbox shortly after.

If you have any questions or concerns about this contest, please email me at
9/1/2013 07:00:35 pm

hey beautifulfluffy styxx cant work on my mobile phone or on the mobile version of facebook on my phone. So??

Avery Duncan
9/2/2013 10:36:50 am

If it won't work on your phone, or in the direct Facebook app of your phone, then I don't know what to tell you besides try doing it on a computer. I didn't make the contest, or I would be able to get back to you with more clear answers. Sorry ):

12/26/2013 01:55:08 am

ummm i cant seem to find it


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