Read chapters 3 and 4 of Captive, vote, and then come back here and drop me a comment with your username and your book, and I will read it. 
Jennifer Demeter
3/28/2013 06:42:01

Read three and four and loved them!
My username is JenniferDemeter and the book I have up right now is Undone. :) I'd really love your thoughts on it.

3/28/2013 06:56:20

I enjoyed it! Thank you for reading Captive!

3/28/2013 06:59:51

I'm really enjoying your story Captive. It's original and completely different than what I usually read but it's exactly what I'm looking for. I plow through books so easily nowadays, looking for something new, and well written to read and Captive is just that. I've voted for each chapter, and I was wondering how often you plan to update?

Oh, and if you have the time, can you check out my story and perhaps give me some advice/feedback? I need it. My username is; KellyLM and the book I need advice on is; His Loving Sacrifice.

Thankyou and good luck with the writing!;)

3/28/2013 07:25:40

My book is Basket Boy.
Hey, I've been reading Captive since the very beginning and I love it. I'm excited for your next upload-your past few a chapter a day uploads were very nice-so I guess I'll have to start Hockey Hearts or something

Annika Telenius
3/28/2013 09:49:04

Hi, I read (and try to vote for) everything that you write. >:)

*awkward chuckle* Anyhoo, the name's AnnikaTelenius and I've got a romance-y-ish book that I would like for people to check out. I haven't really gotten to the 'romance part' yet but I feel like there is enough of a beginning for it to be critiqued in all aspects. It's called 'M.I.A.' and should be found on my profile. :3

4/29/2013 11:08:19

I read chapters three and four and they were awesome! Actually right now I'm on chapter 30. I really need your help with The Guardians which is one of my books. It's a romance and fantasy novel and I did so far two chapters not including the Prologue. My username is @lar1237


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