Ceto was giving him his legs, if only for a moment. How many years had it been since he’d felt the pleasure-pain that he was now? Exhilaration coursed through him— right before her hand landed on his cock. Disgust rolled through him like a sting-rays tail had zapped him.

His Akrina buzzed at his side, whispering, “Bitch die. She drown. Then Human help escape, yes.”

He exhaled, willing it to leave his side. The Akrina dimmed with displeasure before buzzing away. The remainder of its light filled the room, the only reason he could see Ceto.

Her black hair fell around them like a shield, and he thanked Atlantis that the mortal had some sort of blockage of what was happening. His relief was cut short, however, when one of her hands pressed against his chest and the other curled around his flaccid length, demanding he rise for the rare occasion. It was a clear sign as to what she wanted to happen next. It rarely happened, maybe every couple of years, but she would give him his legs after teasing him for a long period of time, thinking that he’d be grateful and jump at the chance to have her.

Don't worry, babes. This will be posted within the next couple of days. (:
Amber Pacific
3/28/2013 11:57:08 am

I love the chapter five extract but I shouldn't have read it. It just makes me crave it even more :/

Avery Duncan
3/28/2013 03:14:21 pm

Hush, my child. All will be well. Update will be within the next two days(: Try to keep your tail in your pants!

Amber Pacific
3/28/2013 03:21:44 pm

Haha. I can't wait :D

3/28/2013 08:42:41 pm

Ah shizz... this is plain torturous..i'm looking forward to the update! ")


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